Who can be a member? is open to anyone who owns, or works in or is interested in the geodomain business. Where you fit in this spectrum determines your membership category, the application process, and how much it costs.

What are the membership categories?

The business member categories are based on city population and site classification:

Category A US and Canadian cities with population of 100,000+

All domains

Category B US and Canadian cities with population of less than 100,000

US and Canadian town/suburb/region .com sites

All state/ sites

All foreign sites

Category C All other city sites (i.e. non .com)

Long-tail geodomain sites

Then there are two additional categories:

Anyone can join in an individual capacity, as an associate member. However, associate members are limited in the services available to them. Only business members can participate in co-op advertising opportunities and access local market data.

Vendors wanting to keep current with industry developments are welcome to join. This category of membership allows you to advertise your services on the site, and to communicate with business category members at very reasonable rates.

What does it cost to join?

For 2011 and 2012 the Board has set these annual dues:

Business category members
– category A $995
– category B $695
– category C $395

Associate members $125

Vendors $295

How do I join?

You need to complete and submit an application. Please go to APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP and select the version for your category of membership. When complete, the application can be transmitted online or, if you prefer, you can print it out and fax it to us at the number specified on the application. If you have any questions relating to membership, send them

What happens next?

Membership in all categories is subject to the approval of the Membership Committee. Your application will be sent to the committee, which may ask for additional information. The committee will take into account these criteria:

  • domain name
  • suitable content
  • professionalism

In most cases a decision will be made within 48 hours. If your application is accepted we will then notify you and arrange for payment of your annual dues, upon receipt of which we will confirm your membership in effective that day. For business category members we will also supply you with a membership ID and password for accessing member-only sections of the website.

If your application is rejected, the committee will provide reasons, and will offer suggestions to make the site suitable for reconsideration. There will also be an opportunity to appeal the decision to the President, whose decision will be final.



On acceptance of your application, you will have the option of paying in:

  • one annual payment
  • monthly by automatic charge to your credit card via paypal, with an 8% surcharge, i.e. every month we will charge 9% of the annual amount due (total 108%)